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Who We Are, What We Offer & Who We Service

Advocates of Health LLC started in September 2018 with a Brand and a Mission. CEO Pamela Jessie became very passionate about the education of the health and wellness of families in our communities after experiencing multiple health crises within her family.

Advocates of Health LLC (AOH) is a national company operating throughout the U.S., with the corporate located in Jacksonville, Florida. AOH is partnered with caring Advocates, Certified CMS Physicians nationwide as well as three federal labs and two industry-leading consulting firms, all working together to further the mission of AOH.

We provide opportunities for employers, churches, and other organizations to engage in programs focused on the prevention of chronic disease, education, and the promotion of a healthier lifestyle with a commitment to high-touch customer service.

Our Mission is to SIGNIFICANTLY IMPACT the lives of families in our communities by educating in Health & Wellness and the use of Preventive Medicine while providing a wide range of Products and Ancillary Services, increasing Early Detection, and Ultimately Save Lives.

AOH Provides:

  • Health and Wellness Products such as our CBD Line of Products such as CBD Tinctures, Male Care, and Ancillary to Physicians and Medical Facilities.

  • Genetic Testing such as Hereditary Cancer CGX, Toxicology, Pharmacogenomics PGX, Parkinson's, Dementia, and Alzheimer's (On hold due to Covid-19)

  • Hormone Therapy for Men and Women (Launching Spring of 2022)

  • Discount Medical Plans for Prescriptions, Vision, Dental, Lab Tests, Telemedicine/TeleDoc, and Medical Billing Advocacy.

AOH leads by advocating for awareness, volunteering, and charitable giving. Regardless of your area of passion, Advocates of Health LLC welcomes you.

"The Health of the Community is the Health of us all" ~Pamela W. Jessie, CEO

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